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ECOPLAST small wastewater treatment plants

Treatment of wastewater from individual homes, isolated communities, hotels, farming, etc...


ECOPLAST small wastewater treatment plants provide 4 functions of the processing sequence in one and only compact, light and efficient device:

-> Volume 1 (50% of the total): primary settling tank
-> Volume 2 (25% of the total): aerobic attached-growth process
-> Sludge recirculation

Volume 3 (25% of the total): tertiary settling tank


In aerobic attached-growth process, microorganisms responsible for treatment are attached to a fixed medium (plastic rings) set into volume 2.

This process allows to reach high quality in effluent, including denitrification.

A remote unit (electric board) insures automatic and silent operation.

In order to guarantee quality of effluent according to regulations, ECOPLAST SA offers a maintenance service.

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